Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Let the trumpets sound!

I am a new blogger - and let me tell you, the opportunities and information are so endless it is a little overwhelming. But it's really exciting to join a community of educators who are blogging about serious issues, innovative strategies and well, SHARING IT!

I have worked in 4 high schools and 1 middle school, and often teachers are reluctant to share materials. I feel the opposite. Let the sharing begin! The more we can share with one another, the better. If something works, share it. If something fails, share it. There is so much debate about education in this country I think it's not just going to be fixed because someone created a website (although I think the former chancellor has some great ideas). It is going to be fixed because people are willing to learn from one another and share what works.

As the LITT (Lead Instructional Technology Teacher) at my school...(by the way, I am feeling my way through this new found position) I have something EXCITING to share because I can barely keep it in. My school district UNBLOCKED SKYPE!

Sound the trumpets. Many of the teachers in my school are unaware of what Skype is, but I really feel they are willing to learn and open their classrooms to what can happen. Our school is full of great teachers who may not have knowledge of all the technology available to them, but if someone is willing to teach them I think they'll take the plunge.

Optimism. One step at a time. Let the trumpets sound.

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