Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kick the BUCKET!

As the semester comes to a close, I begin thinking about research upon our return. Last year, I was sitting on my mother's plaid couch on break and I found an intriguing video online. MTV was getting ready to launch their new show, "The Buried Life." And it hit me - since research is always like pulling students' teeth, I wondered if perhaps they would be more inspired by researching the things they want to do before they die.

I was right. They loved it. I created a multi-genre research project that gives students the opportunity to research eight goals they would like to complete in their lifetimes. Students researched anything from a tour of Europe to driving a lambourghini. For each particular bucket list item, students had to create a multigenre writing item - whether it be a postcard, a letter, an itinerary, etc.

Students still had to create a Works Cited page, cite their sources and learn the research process, but they were pretty motivated to do it because these were goals they actually wanted to complete. I am working on revising the project for second semester, but for now it is available on TeachersPayTeachers at this link:

I am definitely anxious to add the addition of a Smartboard presentation and some other interactive technology and then I'll update it on TeachersPayTeachers.

Until then, here are some items on my bucket list:

1. Finish and publish a novel
2. Start a small business benefiting teachers - giving them more time for creativity and technology
3. Mush a dog sled
4. See Aerosmith in concert (CHECK THAT BABY OFF!!! Did this in Dallas last summer)
5. Go on an African Safari
6. Learn to shoot a gun
7. Visit New Orleans
8. Get a Fund for Teachers project accepted and complete
9. National Board Certification
10. Get my doctorate
11. Get a tattoo
12. Keep working on my bucket list, continuing to add more goals!

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