Tuesday, November 30, 2010

For teachers...something inspired by an Italian restaurant??

I recently attended the World Creativity Forum in Oklahoma City. Oh, did I learn MUCH. And there is more to be said about that conference in the future.

BUT - that being said, I'd like to give a big, fat thank you to Zios Italian restaurant for giving me a great creative idea for the classroom.

I sat at the small, cozy table with my principal and fellow teacher, doodling on the table with crayons when it hit me. Wouldn't my junior American Lit students LOVE to just write and write and write on their desks during class?

So, early the morning of my return, I was furiously cutting butcher paper and taping it to each desk. We were learning about Transcendentalism, and I thought - what better way to identify the components of Trans... by having the students DRAW each element and then leave it for the next hour to guess and add their own?

It went splendiferically, and I added another notch to my creative tool belt.

Today, one of my students walked into class and said...(as the class was yet again reconfigured) "You're always trying to keep us guessing with the unexpected, aren't you Mrs. Wisehart?"

Yes, Philip, I am.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A tirade about teachers

Important thought.

There are teachers who actually work really hard to educate your students.

There are teachers who care.

There are teachers who have passion for educating - but not only that, passion for continuing to learn.

Lately, all I hear about are the bad teachers.

Maybe if we praised the good teachers, the bad ones would work harder.

I don't have to wait for superman. I see him everyday at my school...working hard to educate your students.

But they aren't just educating.

They are parenting, guiding, loving, leading, caring, growing, fostering...do I have to continue?

And I might add they are doing all these things for a meager salary.

My tribute:

Here's to Mr. Amm, who taught me how to find my passion.

Here's to an English teacher who let us stand on desks and sing. Thanks, Mr. Adrian.

Here's to my Brit Lit professor, Dr. Cook, who taught me that women can be independent and strong.

The list goes on and on.

And on.

Thanks to the teachers, who despite all criticism and hardship and testing...still teach.