Friday, February 4, 2011


School has now been officially out for 4 days, and I am busily at work getting things pulled together so that if we have yet ANOTHER (which is predicted) snowstorm, my students can continue to work. With all we have available to us, there is no reason we can't give students at least SOMETHING to do while they are at home, bored, and playing countless video games. :)

I have finally finished my website which we will be using for our next writing project. I am definitely giving credit to Christian Long, who developed the TEDx classroom project. TED is an amazing website ( with short expert talks on almost ANY subject. What's great about this idea is students can still practice WRITING while getting to watch people talk about the subjects they are interested in! The project is outlined on my Weebly: Check it out.

My students will be watching 5 videos through the month of February (which has now extended to March as well) and will be blogging their responses on the specific classroom blogs on my Weebly. Also on my Weebly are the handouts that the students will use to model their blogging. I think blogging is DEFINITELY something students will need to know how to navigate in the future. Writing is definitely going to change in the future, and as teachers I want to prepare the students for those changes!!!

Definitely check out is becoming available FREE to everyone - talk about changes!