Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stolid Student Moments 1

So, I thought I would take the opportunity to share some moments I experience in the classroom that both amaze and confuse me as a teacher. Although I absolutely love and adore my students, they often say things that...well, seem to be...impossible.

A couple weeks ago I was presented with a problem. Often, I tell my students there are no stupid questions. Which is absolutely true. HOWEVER, there ARE questions that can cause some laughter later (but it takes everything in me to contain myself when this happens).

Back to the problem.

We were talking about college.

And one of my students wants to be a cheerleader in college.

So, she asks me a very pertinent college cheerleader question.

"But, Mrs. Wisehart! I thought the Dallas Cowboys had a college?!!"

Maybe they should get on that.

Seriously Kayden

Sharing Kayden escapades is of the utmost importance. Being a working mom and a pastor's wife can be stressful and wonderful at the same time. But just a quote from Kayden can keep me going, that's for sure! Here's the latest:

"Mom, I'm 5 now. But don't worry. I'm the same person."

Phew. I was worried.