Tuesday, July 28, 2009

School Room Scandal

So, I moved into my school room today. I am going to be teaching juniors for the first time in 8 years, so I'm trying to wrap my brain around my new assignment.

I brought Kayden Brie along. So, her activities included:

1. Writing on empty broken down boxes
2. Dropping an already half eaten chocolate bar on the floor and then staring at it. It was melted from her mouth, of course.
3. Watching Willy Wonka - the old version and commenting on the bad behavior of the children.

Sidebar: My air conditioning is broken, so the guy who is fixing it had to turn on the HEAT to melt the frozen air thingy. I am sitting in my living room. With the heat on. In Oklahoma.

4. Secretly taking my push pins and trying to "fix" all the chairs in the classroom.
5. Secretly taking my PERMANENT markers and "tracing" on the empty boxes.

Kayden was actually pretty well behaved - the building (by the way, my high school is so big I am in building H. I kind of feel like Area 51.) was new and it gave her new territory to explore.

I am trying to finish my writing job for Olivet. 7 department heads haven't responded to me. I don't blame them. Who would want to complete a survey in the SUM-MER??? But anyhoo, I have a few pieces of marketing copy to write before Friday.

Our house has shown to 5 people and apparently two of them are interested in possibly buying. Yippee!!!! Woohoo! More weird self-congratulatory words with exclamation points!

So, this ends my first blog. But I thought I would create this so that you, my friends, could check up on my daily fiascos. Not that they are that exciting, but - it's another way to keep in touch.